Scouting in Moxby Moor

Scouting in the surrounding area is growing steadily. The dedicated team that has ensured Scouting prospered over the past 15 years now has additional support and we want to revamp what we offer to the community to ensure that Scouting is interesting, challenging and fun for the kids from when they join as Beavers until they leave aged 99 years (or older). For people of my generation and before, it is the exciting things we did as Cubs and Scouts that led us to engage in adventurous activities as adults. For me that has included flying, mountaineering, kayaking, abseiling, skiing, survival training, mountain biking and windsurfing. Others have achieved a lot more. Our team is doing its best to re-introduce that adventurous spirit in Moxby Moor and we know that it will take some time and goodwill on the part of a wide range of volunteers to achieve that. We need help from like-minded volunteers who may be able to offer just 3 or 4 evenings a year, or may have more time they can give on a regular or irregular basis.

We can always use more leaders and assistant leaders to ensure that as people move on, a section continues without interruption. Typically, we run sections with a leader plus two or three assistant leaders, so volunteers are always fully supported. If you feel that you have the qualities required and would like to join one of our teams delivering Scouting to the kids during term times, please contact me. Full training will always be given and there is a growing support network to do any mundane administrative stuff leaving you to have fun. Similarly, we would like to increase the number of Young Leaders helping each section. After all, nobody knows better about what kids find interesting and stimulating than people who are not too much older! So, if you are between 14 and 18, having been through the junior Scout sections and would like to be a Young Leader, please contact me.

We also need specialists who give just a few hours, evenings or days a year to Scouting. Specialists may come from sporting or adventurous backgrounds or they may have essential life skills or engage in interesting activities they are passionate about. What’s more, The Scout Association can train and validate individuals as leaders and instructors for activities, which can be great for CVs or UCAS applications too! So, if you are a lapsed kayaker / mountaineer / abseiler / mountain biker / windsurfer / insert any other activity and would love to get back into it and gain an instructional qualification so that you can pass that expertise and love of an activity to our Scouts, please contact me. If you think it essential for all people to know how to do First Aid / cooking / craftwork / DIY / photography / insert any other activity and you are able to pass that expertise and passion on to our Scouts, please contact me.

We want to develop a continuum of interesting activities for our Scouts from when they join Beavers at 6 years old through Cubs at 8-10½ years old to leaving Scouts at 14 so that they are fully equipped for schemes such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme while at Explorers (14-18 years old) and able to contribute to the junior sections as Young Leaders. Hence, our need for other like-minded adults to get our kids outdoors trying things they would otherwise never experience. If you think you could help in any capacity at all, please contact me to discuss it without any pressure to take it further unless you decide it is right for you.

Stuart Hatzel.  Group Scout Leader

Tel: 07824 338144



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