Huby & Sutton Show – Quiz and Answers

Huby and Sutton ShowMany thanks to those who dropped by the Neighbourhood Plan marquee at the Huby and Sutton show today – it was great to hear and read everyone’s thoughts and there was lots of interest in the historical maps and photos of the village.

Next step for us is to collate all the ideas and suggestions put forward by all the contributors. In the meantime, below are the questions and answers from the Huby village quiz which was completed by many of those who visited today…

How much do you know about Huby?

Please tick the correct answer or write in the box

Question Answer
1. What was the name of the 3rd pub in Huby (in the 20th century)? Jack of Diamonds  ___Queen of Trumps  ___Ace of Spades     ___
2. What does the name Huby mean?
3. Was Huby a Saxon or Danish (Viking) settlement? Saxon _____ Viking _____
4. How many chapels or church buildings have there been in Huby since the Middle Ages? 3____ 6____ 7____
5. How tall was our maypole? 40-50 ft ___ 50-60ft___60-70ft ___
6. What is the name of the lane which runs parallel behind the houses on the shop-side (West) of Main Street? Hurn Road____Haverbrake Lane___Sand(y) Lane___
7. Which century was Huby Hall built? 15th ___17th ___ 18th ___
8. Huby’s latest maypole was painted with diamonds. How many? 502 ___ 652 ___ 708 ___
9. The pinfold was outside Ayton House. What is a pinfold? A jail _____a building in which to hold stray animals _____where Huby women met to do their sewing ____
10. Where were the Poor Houses?
11. How many ‘open fields’ did Huby have up to 1841?
12. How many farms were listed in Huby in the 1930’s? 12 ___ 17___ 28___ 33___
13. Why is Gracious Street so called?
14. How many men are listed on the Huby War Memorial plaque? 5___ 6___ 9___
15. What animal sign was put on top of the maypole? Horse ___ Hare___ Fox___
16. Where did plague victims go when they were ill?


  1. Queen of Trumps
  2. Farmstead on the spur of land (ref: Oxford Dictionary of British Place Names)
  3. Danish / Viking ( ‘-by’ is Scandinavian for ‘farmstead’)
  4. 6 ( Quaker Meeting House; Primitive Methodist x2; Weslyan Methodist x2; Mediaeval Chapel of Ease  – attached to church at Sutton – 4 survive.)
  5. 60 – 70 feet
  6. Haverbrake Lane (see OS maps – ‘Haver’ = oats)
  7. 18th Century
  8. 708 (source Eddie Oliver)
  9. Building to hold stray animals
  10. Bell Lane
  11. 3 (Middle Field, West Field, and Diana Field)
  12. 28 (ref Trade Directory)
  13. Fresh spring water protected residents from the Plague
  14. 5 (Plaque on Methodist Chapel, Main Street)
  15. Fox
  16. Cabin Lands – in fields at end of Robin Lane

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