Easingwold business woman launches affordable home care service

We at Fenton’s HomeCare are incredibly proud of the journey we have undertaken since launching our business in March 2021. I am Tracey Fenton and whilst employed for anationally renowned organisation that provides supported living, I met a fabulous lady whomade me aware of the amount of wonderful people in our local area who were in desperateneed of home care/support or just some companionship but could not afford the rates quotedby larger home help organisations and/or agencies. This inspired me to reach out and offersome much-needed care and support to these lovely and deserved people which in-turnhelped me to truly understand the challenges they faced on a daily basis. I very quicklycame to the opinion that even if just one person could not find affordable care in our localarea, then it was one person too many and Fenton’s HomeCare was born.

We are a values-based family business with a small dedicated team of fully trained caregivers that we prefer to call ‘Care Companions’. We supply affordable home care services toresidents of Easingwold and surrounding areas and strive to deliver a more personal serviceby providing those we support with a designated care companion that they can learn to trustand bond with, rather than someone different on each visit. We absolutely treasure each andevery individual we support and this ensures we are able build a more personal andcherished relationship founded on mutual trust, cemented with dignity and compassion andover time…..friendship.

If we can help make your life a little easier, please visit www.FentonsHomcare.co.uk , call
me on 01347 972013 or email Help@FentonsHomeCare.co.uk.

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