12 Affordable Homes at Hayfields Close in Huby

COVID-19 has unfortunately had an impact on our usual plan of action to raise awareness of the homes in Huby, due to complete at the end of January.

In normal circumstances we would hold a community consultation and meet those interested in applying to rent or buy one of the homes to go through the processes involved and assist to complete application forms.

We are very pleased that your local Newsletter (Huby Voice) and Website are helping us to get the message out.


If you are interested in applying to become a tenant of one of our 8 x two bed homes, you will need to register on www.northyorkshirehomechoice.org.uk . This website is where all affordable homes are advertised. Once registered you will be given a unique reference and placed into a Bronze Band, Silver Band or Gold Band, based on your circumstances. This will allow you to bid on the homes you see on the website. A bid means you wish to be considered to become a tenant in the chosen home.

Homes are advertised on the above website every Thursday and bidding closes at one minute to midnight the following Tuesday. A shortlist of all those who have registered an interest is made on Wednesday, and the home will be offered to the applicant at the top of the list based on which ‘Band’ they fall into and their local connection. Our Lettings Team will contact the successful applicant.

These new affordable homes are restricted (by a s106 legal agreement) to those with a local connection, which means we can only offer homes to someone living, working or having close family living in Huby.

If you do not have a computer or require help with the form, please contact Broadacres Choice Based Lettings Team on 01609 767900.


If you are struggling to afford to buy a home outright, we can offer you the opportunity to get on the housing ladder through shared ownership. Shared Ownership is a Government–funded scheme that allows you to buy a share in a new home – usually between 25-75% of the property’s value depending on what you can afford. The remaining share is owned by Broadacres and you will pay reduced rent on that share. When you can afford to, it is possible to purchase larger shares of the property, in some cases the full 100%.

There are 4 x 3 beds for purchase through Shared Ownership

How it works

It can be an affordable alternative to renting or buying on the open market. You don’t need to raise a deposit based on the total value of the property, just for the share you are buying. This means that you don’t have to apply for a full mortgage, which may increase the chance of being accepted by a Bank or a Building Society.

You can buy a newly-built home or one through a re-sales programme. All shared ownership properties will be leasehold.

  • Find a property on our website – www.broadacres.org.uk
  • Complete our Low Cost Home Ownership application form – download here
  • When we receive your application an assessment will be completed on your finances, connection to the local area and if you qualify for the scheme.
  • If your application is successful, we will then explain the next steps and arrange a viewing of the property

If you require any further information please call, one of the following:

Amanda Madden (RHE) – 01609 767048

Call Centre – 01609 767900

Sales at Broadacres – 01609 767972

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